The question that probably crosses every newly engaged girl’s mind ‘do I need a wedding planner’ then the thought is probably very quickly batted down from the misconception ‘wedding planners are too expensive’.

Kim Kardashian had one, Coleen Rooney had one but no you don’t need a celebrity status or a huge celebrity bank balance to get an expert involved in your planning. Hiring a wedding planner will save you time, stress and money. Yes, I repeat ‘save you money’.

Which when planning your big day is exactly what you need! Right?

I am going to give you 5 reasons why hiring a wedding planner will be the best thing you’ve ever done, except of course saying yes to that lovely fiancé of yours…


#1 Securing The Best Deals

A wedding planner’s role can be exactly what you want it to be. During a consultation with your wedding planner, you can both decide on the level of support you need, which might only be help with finding the perfect venue and  negotiating the very best deal for you. Or you may need help finding the perfect supplier? Did you know your wedding planner is in touch with the current wedding market, venues and suppliers, plus has exclusive access to a variety of discounts and packages? Us wedding planners have a fabulous bundle of contacts! Or perhaps you need help with the full shebang, all aspects of the planning and to the day itself? You decide, you are in control of your special day. You wedding planner is simply there to give you the help you need and create your vision.


#2 Keeping Within Budget

Wedding planners will work to your budget more than anything else you will organise. I promise you; your wedding will be the one thing you find hard to budget and you will probably run way over. This is where your wedding planner can really help you. Allocate us a budget and we will ensure you stick to it, maybe pulling a few strings along away. Did I mention we have contacts? We have a long list of friends in the industry and can hand pick the perfect suppliers to suit your budget. We will also bring you back down to earth after your visits to the uber glamorous wedding shows that offer everything, asking the age-old question ‘do you really need that’? Or finding a compromise, maybe ‘DIY’ing’ something you really want in order to stick to budget.


#3 Making A Plan

The one thing I hear couples say time and time again is ‘we just don’t know where to start’ or ‘our engagement was much longer than anticipated because we just couldn’t get started’. Create a plan. Imagine you had an expert making a plan and getting you started! The excitement of starting the planning phase would be all yours as your wedding planner would be doing all the groundwork.


#4 Less Stress

When planning a wedding, family, friends and yes even the bridesmaids will have an opinion on everrrrything and although they all have great intentions it can sometimes lead you to doubting decisions you are making which in turn leads to stress. Who needs stress when planning a wedding? You want to look back at an enjoyable planning experience. Your wedding planner is key to ensuring your stress levels are at zero and you have a glass of prosecco when needed! Your wedding planner will be at the other end of the phone to put your mind at ease, plus advise you on the best decisions. It is like hiring your very own PA in the world of weddings.


#5 Fun, Laughter and An Enjoyable Engagement

Becoming engaged is hugely exciting. The prospect of marrying your handsome, smart and sometimes funny best friend; plus, the thought of choosing your wedding venue, designing your invitations, and selecting your suppliers. Planning your wedding will be one of the most exciting, joyful and memorable things you will ever do. Make sure your engagement is too. You want to enjoy a stress free engagement too right? Hire your wedding planner early on and you will have the chance to enjoy a magical and wonderful time completely stress free and full of fun and laughter.


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Love Louize x