When we ask Conifer Events Wedding & Events Manager, Louize Hollywood, what the strangest wedding request she’s ever had was, she laughs. “If there’s one thing that I’ve learned it’s that weddings are a deeply personal thing,” she says. “So I would never think of a request as ‘strange’. Although recently, a few couples have wanted to have their dog present for the ceremony and photographs, which was new to me!”

Louize is totally right. Weddings are such a personal thing to a couple and, even though those working in the industry deal with weddings every single day, it’s so important to remember that for the couple, this is the first (and only) time they’ll ever plan such a special event.

“Many of us have been dreaming of our big day since childhood, and it’s my job to make those dreams a reality,” says Louize, “and for that, you need boundless creativity, understanding and attention to detail. I need to pull everything together and absorb any stresses that the couple may have. It’s lucky that I’m calm under pressure!”

There’s no such thing as a typical day at work for Louize; her role at Conifer Events means that every day is unique, even after planning Weddings for a decade.

“The main aspects of my working day are conducting Venue visits with clients, helping and advising them into finding the perfect Venue for them, having details meetings with clients and suppliers, arranging menu tastings and so much more,” Louize tells us.

My favourite part of this job is watching the bride walk into her Venue on the big day and see her vision has become to reality,” Louize smiles.

“But, I feel really deflated when the wedding is all over! We take such an interest in each couple to ensure that their wedding is a true reflection of them that you end up with many friendships; you’ve got to know them so well.” However we do we keep in touch with many of our couples and they come back to us to arrange their future family celebrations.

For more information on the the services we can provide drop me an email @ louize@coniferevents.co.uk