Rewind 10 years and the idea of Barn Weddings probably wasn’t something that many couples would had thought about when they imagined their dream wedding.  This can be said for other types of Venues too including city centre venues, where you’ve maybe spent some of your clubbing days, a ship on the Clyde or even popular visitor attractions like the Science Centre and Kelburne Country Park who have all jumped on the Wedding Venue band wagon…..and why not, isn’t it just amazing to have such a vast and interesting choice of wedding venues available all around us. 

It is great how wedding venues have changed and evolved over the years and I have been lucky enough to be in the industry and see this eloquently happen. All you have to do is take a flick through a wedding magazine or browse their sites to see vast types of wedding venue styles available to suit all tastes and budgets and as my good old saying goes, your wedding should be as individual as you are. This is so true…


 Fruin Farm

Image Fruin Farm


But…. Barns, these are a front runner for me personally, being a country girl myself, growing up in the beautiful Ayrshire countryside, this is my happy place! I am a keen runner and over the years as barn weddings have evolved, I have seen myself now spotting barns on my routes which were once unused and have been transformed into the perfect wedding venue.  Or the Barns and farms houses I see and think what a beautiful wedding and events venue that could be and find myself visualising and mapping out exactly how it could look.

There are so many wonderful barn venues dotted around not only in Ayrshire but all over Scotland, nestled in the most scenic areas with breath taking views of our beautiful countryside.  Parts of some barns are still named after their original purpose including names like the Hay Barn and Milking Byre, these farm house buildings and barns have been restored to create the venue, however many have kept their original features, which are rustic and worldly!


Image Make Believe Events

Image Make Believe Events


Styling and Catering for Barn Weddings

Catering in barns can in some cases be provided by the venue themselves. Many of these venues have on site farm shops with mouth-watering locally produced food, in others there is the flexibility to bring in your own catering. Many barns refer to the wedding meal as the Wedding Feast, just what you would expect in this type of venue, a slightly different spin on your typical and traditional wedding menus.  If the venue allows why not have an ice cart on a sunny day or a pimp your prosecco stand for those afternoon drinks in the hazy afternoon sunshine, the possibilities are endless in some of these amazing venues.

One of the main appeal of barns weddings for me is definitely the picturesque surroundings but also what you can do with the venue in terms of décor. You can certainly make it your own and create a real welcoming and warm atmosphere.  At Conifer Events we can create the perfect barn set up including one of my favourites, the amazing fairy light canopy draped from the ceiling adding that delicate lighting, rustic gin bottle centre pieces with a perfect mix of flowers and candles, long tables with chivari chairs perfect for that “Wedding Feast”!  We can take care of the organising and running of your full day with our wedding planning packages working closely with you and your barn venue to create your perfect day.

We are very excited to announce that we will be working with a selection of handpicked Wedding Barns next year…. more details coming soon, keep an eye on our social pages for updates.

In the meantime, if you have any Wedding and Event enquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch!


Louize x