As you can imagine, 2020 has been a quieter than average year for us here at Conifer Events. After lockdown hit and our entire calendar of events & weddings were postponed, we had a wealth of extra time on our hands! 

We decided to use this time to get all those things done that usually get put to the bottom of the list during the hectic day to day running of a weddings and events business. We started to work on building our brand image and awareness. was completely transformed and is looking absolutely fabulous if I do say so myself! We adapted our marketing and sales strategy to fit the pandemic market by making long-term decisions.

So, we thought we’d let you in on “a day in the life of Team Conifer” to see what we get up to!

Saturday 7th November – Edinburgh

0900After picking up my usual Starbucks on the way, I meet Coleen and Aryan, one of our preferred photographers, on The Royal Terrace in Edinburgh. My hair has been perfectly curled and my make-up is looking on point. It’s a photoshoot day! Armed with our bags full of outfit changes we make our way into the centre of Edinburgh. We’ve picked the perfect day for it, it’s a crisp autumnal day with blue skies!

1000 – Our first stop is The Refinery on St Andrew Square which has an amazing setup with bright colours and floral décor… perfect for some photos and some more coffee! We make ourselves comfortable and start chatting over a wedding magazine whilst Aryan snaps away. After about 15 minutes we head inside to get some breakfast and make an outfit change.




1100 – After breakfast, a make-up refresh, and a change of clothes we head over to the St Andrews Square where there’s plenty of greenery and some trees shedding their autumnal leaves. A perfect space for some more shots. I have to say, both Coleen and I did feel a little bit silly in the middle of Edinburgh throwing leaves about and posing with a leg pop! But once you forget about all the people around you, it’s so much fun!





1130 – We collect our belongings and make our way over to George Street, taking plenty of snaps on the way. Of course, we stop at The Dome… one of the most iconic buildings in Edinburgh, and all the Christmas decorations are already up! We get some photos taken on the steps, standing between the columns, and sat down staring out onto George Street watching the people go by. By this time we both feel like “influencers” doing our thing! We’re both having so much fun despite the cold crisp Edinburgh day.

1200 – With two stops left to make and only an hour of shooting time left, we had to get a move on. Our first stop is the Royal Mile where we encountered some Bagpipers and continued to get some more photos taken using our newfound confidence thanks to Aryan! And last but not least… we went to visit one of my favourite spots in Edinburgh, Victoria Street. This has got to be one of the most photographed streets in Scotland! We found a charming little coffee shop at the bottom of the hill on the curve of the street called La Barantine and yes you’ve guessed it… we stopped for yet more coffee!



1300 – After 15,000 steps, hundreds of pictures and several poses we had come to the end of our shoot with Aryan. We could not recommend him enough as a photographer. He made us feel completely at ease and guided us throughout the day. He’s super friendly and will go out of his way to get you the perfect photograph. His shots were fantastic and we had such a good time getting them done! 

Take a look at some of Aryan’s work here. You can see why he’s one of our preferred photographers! You’ll be able to see some of our pictures across our website and socials. Make sure you’re following our Instagram and Facebook pages for all the latest updates and Wedding news!

That’s all for now! Remember if you ever want to get in touch, just drop me an email on!

Take Care,

H x