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Luxury Asian Weddings set in the rolling Scottish countryside

Combine the traditions of an Asian wedding with the charm of Scotland


Couple on their wedding day looking lovingly at eachother.

Asian weddings are typically a large affair with guests even traveling from afar to engage in the celebrations. Guest numbers can reach beyond 200, and what better way to celebrate than in a stunning, exclusive use Scottish castle set in acres of lush countryside, exuding years of history and culture. Celebrate with family and friends in your own bubble of luxuriousness for the duration of your wedding celebrations.


Inverlochy castle, wedding venue Scotland

Inverlochy Castle, wedding venue Scotland


Scotland has more luxurious castles than you would ever imagine, steeped in history and drama. From the shores of the Ayrshire coast at Culzean Castle to the wonders of Eilean Donan in the Highlands, there is literally a castle venue that will suit every taste and style. One might assume dark, stuffy, and generally old when imagining a Scottish castle. But think again. You can expect to find modern furnishings, traditional styling, and a luxurious feel throughout. Most importantly the surroundings are out of this world. Your wedding photographs will be simply mesmerizing. Whether set on the edge of the North Sea or on the banks of the River Tay, surrounded by 5 or 50 acres of lush countryside, you will be sure to have views to die for. Most castle venues offer accommodation for a select number of guests with additional accommodation available in the surrounding areas. True fact: Skibo Castle in the Scottish Highlands was actually the wedding venue for Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s nuptials back in 2000.


beautiful table display for a scottish wedding

Having planned numerous Asian weddings throughout Scotland we are of course aware of the traditions that play a part in the ceremony and the entire duration of the celebrations. If you’re struggling for time why not have your wedding condensed into one day? Or if you’re working with a larger budget a 2-3 day celebration is the perfect indulgence. Between Asian traditions such as Haldi, Sanjeet, Mehendi, and, of course, the wedding ceremony itself, our couples love to take part in off-site excursions around the area of their wedding venue. Your wedding planner can book bespoke private tours, whisky tastings, distillery tours, and off-road excursions. If you’re feeling adventurous why not try white water rafting, skydiving, or an afternoon skiing the slopes at Aviemore. Excursions are a great way to expand on the celebrations and allow both families to really get to know one another. This enables you to explore Scotland and see more of the lush surroundings of your wedding venue. 

How about adding a touch of Scottish charm to your wedding celebrations? It’s not uncommon to mix a few Scottish vibes with Asian traditions. For example, during any part of the celebrations, the groom and groomsmen may choose to wear a Scottish tartan kilt. If the bride and groom happen to want mixed traditions, Scottish and Asian fusion, having 2 ceremonies to acknowledge each other’s traditions is also not uncommon. That said, if both parties are of Asian heritage kilt-wearing is still just as popular. I think most of the groomsmen just like to experience wearing a kilt. Think of the photos!!


MacGreggor and MacDuff kiltmakers are pretty awesome and will sort you out with the best tartans. If tartan kilts are not your thing, there are other ways to incorporate a Scottish vibe into your celebrations. You’re maybe thinking that being surrounded by the rolling Scottish countryside, and living in a Scottish castle would be enough to ignite the Scottish vibes!!! At your welcome party, pre-wedding celebrations, or during Haldi or Sanjeet we can incorporate a few Scottish vibes into the décor and styling, such as heather, thistles and even adding in some lilac or purple into your color scheme. There are ways of being subtle!!


weddding ceremony in Scotland

weddding ceremony in Scotland


Let’s talk about décor. Décor is super important for any pre-wedding party, traditional celebrations, and the wedding ceremony itself. At Conifer our style is elegant and traditional, whilst allowing the natural environment and beauty of your wedding venue to completely shine through. Your Scottish castle venue is truly unique, exuding buckets of grandeur and beauty. Why spend thousands on décor to cover the natural beauty of your venue and surroundings? Fresh flowers and floral displays are our preferred products for décor which can be subtly added into areas of your venue to enhance the beauty that already exists. If you are cute you can also re-use your floral designs by removing your ceremony flowers and re-using these on the tables for example. Tablescapes are really important and this is where you can be most creative with your décor ideas, allowing your traditions, theme, or color palette to really shine through. We find the rustic, simple, and elegant tablescapes are really popular among our couples who choose a castle wedding venue.


Table setting for wedding in Scotland.


Have we tempted you with a Scottish-infused Asian wedding? 


Your wedding planner will work with you to create a complete wedding itinerary from when you land in the UK to when you depart. If you’re able to arrange a pre-wedding/ mid-planning trip to view venues, menu taste, and meet with your planners, Conifer will organize this for you and ensure your 2-3 days in the UK are packed with awesome visits and meetings. If you’re not able to travel ahead of the wedding, be rest assured, your wedding planner has everything in hand and will confirm with you your final wedding schedule 12 weeks ahead of the wedding date, whilst liaising with you regularly in the planning stages. 

If you’re still reading……………I assume you must be intrigued! To find out more drop me an email at for more information on planning a luxurious Scottish-infused Asian wedding. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Scotland. 

Coleen x 



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Martha Stewart Weddings

Inverlochy Castle

MacGreggor & MacDuff


Behind the Scenes on a Conifer Photoshoot

As you can imagine, 2020 has been a quieter than average year for us here at Conifer Events. After lockdown hit and our entire calendar of events & weddings were postponed, we had a wealth of extra time on our hands! 

We decided to use this time to get all those things done that usually get put to the bottom of the list during the hectic day to day running of a weddings and events business. We started to work on building our brand image and awareness. was completely transformed and is looking absolutely fabulous if I do say so myself! We adapted our marketing and sales strategy to fit the pandemic market by making long-term decisions.

So, we thought we’d let you in on “a day in the life of Team Conifer” to see what we get up to!

Saturday 7th November – Edinburgh

0900After picking up my usual Starbucks on the way, I meet Coleen and Aryan, one of our preferred photographers, on The Royal Terrace in Edinburgh. My hair has been perfectly curled and my make-up is looking on point. It’s a photoshoot day! Armed with our bags full of outfit changes we make our way into the centre of Edinburgh. We’ve picked the perfect day for it, it’s a crisp autumnal day with blue skies!

1000 – Our first stop is The Refinery on St Andrew Square which has an amazing setup with bright colours and floral décor… perfect for some photos and some more coffee! We make ourselves comfortable and start chatting over a wedding magazine whilst Aryan snaps away. After about 15 minutes we head inside to get some breakfast and make an outfit change.




1100 – After breakfast, a make-up refresh, and a change of clothes we head over to the St Andrews Square where there’s plenty of greenery and some trees shedding their autumnal leaves. A perfect space for some more shots. I have to say, both Coleen and I did feel a little bit silly in the middle of Edinburgh throwing leaves about and posing with a leg pop! But once you forget about all the people around you, it’s so much fun!





1130 – We collect our belongings and make our way over to George Street, taking plenty of snaps on the way. Of course, we stop at The Dome… one of the most iconic buildings in Edinburgh, and all the Christmas decorations are already up! We get some photos taken on the steps, standing between the columns, and sat down staring out onto George Street watching the people go by. By this time we both feel like “influencers” doing our thing! We’re both having so much fun despite the cold crisp Edinburgh day.

1200 – With two stops left to make and only an hour of shooting time left, we had to get a move on. Our first stop is the Royal Mile where we encountered some Bagpipers and continued to get some more photos taken using our newfound confidence thanks to Aryan! And last but not least… we went to visit one of my favourite spots in Edinburgh, Victoria Street. This has got to be one of the most photographed streets in Scotland! We found a charming little coffee shop at the bottom of the hill on the curve of the street called La Barantine and yes you’ve guessed it… we stopped for yet more coffee!



1300 – After 15,000 steps, hundreds of pictures and several poses we had come to the end of our shoot with Aryan. We could not recommend him enough as a photographer. He made us feel completely at ease and guided us throughout the day. He’s super friendly and will go out of his way to get you the perfect photograph. His shots were fantastic and we had such a good time getting them done! 

Take a look at some of Aryan’s work here. You can see why he’s one of our preferred photographers! You’ll be able to see some of our pictures across our website and socials. Make sure you’re following our Instagram and Facebook pages for all the latest updates and Wedding news!

That’s all for now! Remember if you ever want to get in touch, just drop me an email on!

Take Care,

H x



Getting To Know Your Wedding Planners

You are engaged. Immersed in a bubble of happiness. You can’t stop thinking about the latest wedding trends, so much so you find yourself looking at Pinterest every day. You are unsure where to start first. Do you look at venues? Styling? Moodboards? Or do you think about your invites and guest list?

One of the very first things you need to do is decide on a wedding planner.  Choosing your wedding planner is the first most important step in your wedding planning journey.

Planning your wedding may be the single biggest and most important event you will ever plan. You need to bring in the experts. Right?

Now you have a wedding planner.

Have you had a face to face meeting? Do you know if you guys “click”? Do you think you can trust your wedding planner to create the wedding of your dreams? How well do you know your wedding planner? Do they know you & your fiancé?

We believe getting to know each other is crucial.

Zoom calls are the way forward – especially in a world post-COVID-19. For us, the initial face to face meeting is pretty standard. You’re not going to book your wedding thousands of miles away and not meet your planner before agreeing to work together. The same goes for all of our UK couples. We all need to get along and like each other first! Getting to know us builds trust and confidence and allows you to know Conifer have your wedding needs in hand. We truly want you to feel at ease from the get-go with us.

Who are we? We don’t want to give too much away about ourselves, but we reckon you should know a thing or two……….!



I’m Coleen, author of this blog post and a marketing graduate from the University of Stirling. My University life began in 2004 at the tender age of 18. 12 years have passed since I graduated with my Honours degree in Marketing and I can tell you now these last 12 years have flown by. I started my career with a local Glasgow business and to this day I am forever grateful for the opportunities that came my way. 22 years old, working in Dubai, Europe and often travelling to London for exhibitions and trade fairs. I thought I was living the dream. I probably was for a 22-year-old. Throughout my twenties, I travelled, bought my first property and just before I hit 30 met my life partner. How could life get any better?

Life is a map. Or so I like to believe. What is meant to be will undoubtedly come our way. You’re probably wondering what comes next? In a moment of chance (so I thought at the time) I met Hannah in a working capacity and we instantly hit it off. In summer 2017 Conifer Events was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward to 2020 and here we are working with our gorgeous couples and amazing bridal suppliers planning and managing luxury weddings across Scotland.  People often tell me I have an abundance of passion, drive, and ambition like no other. I strive to continually achieve more, even when I think I’ve achieved all I can. People who know me would probably describe me as an OCD freak. I like to plan, organise, and sort everything. I am the biggest planner and love to plan even the smallest of things from birthdays to family get-togethers. I’m always putting together mood boards for different areas of my house (I love interiors – that’s another passion of mine and one for another day) and thinking of colour schemes for various life events such as Christmas, Easter, and Summer. Ever since I was little I have always dreamed of my own fairy-tale wedding (which, by the way, is not too far away) and as I’ve grown in my career, I’ve spent many months dreaming of planning weddings, styling and wondering how I could make my dreams a reality. I think it all depends on where you are in life and who you meet, who you choose to work with and ultimately create your journey with.

The Scottish wedding industry is truly unique. A mix of mostly small to medium-sized businesses ranging in location throughout Scotland, all of our suppliers and partners are dedicated with the same drive and enthusiasm as us. It truly is a pleasure to work with so many like-minded, entrepreneurial people who inspire us every day.   



You guys now know my CV so probably time to tell you some facts about me. In less than 4 weeks I will be 34 – OMG. One minute I was planning my 30th party and now I’m hitting 34.  Life really does go quicker the older we get. I’m 34 on December 16th and I had it all planned. A cold, snowy, pre-Christmas weekend in New York, ice-skating on Central Park, taking in a show, and shopping till my feet hurt. Then Covid-19 happened. In reality, there will be no transatlantic trip, instead a cosy night in for 2 in the comfort of our own home.

Now we have established I will be 34 very soon, I can also tell you I am the eldest sibling in my family. Who likes being the eldest? Honestly, how did that happen to me!? I have 2 sisters, 31 and 15 years old as well as my brother who is 29 years old. We are a well-travelled family and a little spread across the world. My brother currently lives in Austin, Texas and is now a US citizen working as a soccer coach in Westlake (Austin), whilst my elder sister lives and works in South Korea as an English teacher. A family of travellers.

As well as travelling the world I also have a passion for coffee. Who would have thought? Up until almost 4 years ago, I hadn’t even tasted a sip of coffee and now I love it. It’s a way of life, and a part of my day I wouldn’t change. A morning is not a proper morning until you’ve had your first coffee. I think it’s time I left it there about me. If you guys want to know more, ask me anything. I’m happy to arrange a zoom call anytime.



Now let me introduce you to Hannah



Hello! I’m Hannah, the other half of Conifer Events. Similar to Coleen, I am also a Marketing Graduate, from the University of Strathclyde. I obtained my Masters in 2016 after moving to Glasgow the previous year from Australia. I am not Australian though… I am in fact, Welsh. I grew up in North Wales, in a little village called Llanfairfechan (I bet you can’t pronounce that!).

I always wanted to get into Wedding Planning ever since I was a teenager. On the way home one day, after a career’s session in college, I stopped at my local WH Smiths and picked up 4 bridal and wedding magazines, along with a scrapbook, scissors, Pritt stick and some coloured pens. That evening I sat creating several different “perfect wedding days”. I loved the idea of helping people plan one of the most important and spectacular days of their lives.

Fast forward 9 years…… I met Coleen and we both realised after a few drinks on a business trip to Dubai that we both in fact shared the same passion and drive for weddings, planning and styling. It was whilst we were dining at the Grosvenor House one evening, we realised playing around with wedding magazines and coloured pens was probably something we shouldn’t be doing in our 20s and 30s. Right there and then we decided.  When we get home, let’s do this. Joining forces with someone else who had quickly become a good friend seemed really appealing.

And that’s how Conifer Events was born!



I’m currently 28 and feeling grateful and excited to be where I am today. I have started my own business; I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in my field and could not be prouder of how much our business has achieved to date.

It’s pretty amazing to get to do what you love every day. Like they say… Do something you love, and you’ll never do a day’s work in your life! That’s certainly how I’m feeling at the moment, even though I’m usually on my laptop until at least 1 AM most nights! One of my favourite parts of Wedding Planning is meeting and getting to know all the lovely couples I work with. When planning someone’s wedding you really do become an important person in your couple’s lives. I continue to make truly fantastic friends every day on my journey with Conifer………………… Anyway, enough about me and my passions for just now. Want to know more, check us out on Insta or drop me an email anytime




Planning a Destination Wedding

Planning your wedding can seem like a daunting task, there’s a lot to manage, and that’s before you take into consideration how to plan your special day on another continent!

But that’s exactly what we are here for! We have put together a “Wedding Planning Schedule” which will guide you through the stages of your Planning Process with Team Conifer.


1.      Getting To Know Us

As Wedding Planners, we understand that you are entrusting us to help you plan one of the most important and exciting days of your lives. Therefore, before you commit to working with us, we like to have a Zoom call with you. This gives us all a chance to get to know one another a little. You can learn about us, who we are and what we can help you with. We can learn about you, your ideas, your style, your expectations, and requirements. Click to Meet the team.


2.      Aisle Planner

Once you have decided to work with us, we set you up with your personal Aisle Planner account. This is an online platform which enables us to incorporate all of our, and your, ideas to begin the planning process. It features a Design Studio where we can create a virtual mood board and upload pictures to go with your desired theme and colour palette. It also features a budget and timeline management tool, as well as a carefully selected supplier list.



3.      Venue Selection

Here at Conifer, we work with a range of venues, from exclusive use manors to traditional Scottish castles, to glamorous city centre hotels. So, whether you want that spectacular fairy-tale Scottish Castle up in the Highlands, or a chic Edinburgh city centre venue we have you covered. Check out some of the amazing venues we work with by clicking here.



4.      Budget & Timeline Management

We understand that a huge part of your planning is dealing with your budget and timeline management. Team Conifer will work with you and your budget closely and ensure that we get the most out of it, allocating it to the areas you feel are most important to you. Timeline management can also be a daunting part of your wedding planning. When do you book certain suppliers? Will this supplier have the necessary availability on this date? When do you need to make your final payment? When does this contract need to be signed? Well don’t worry, we are here to guide you through the process from start to finish! We will set up an online Timeline Management tool for you via Aisle Planner and input all of your milestones.


5.      Supplier Selection & Management

By now you’re well on your way to planning you’re dream day… Perfect date, perfect venue. Now it’s time to book the best suppliers to help bring your day together. Here at Conifer, we work with a range of quality assured suppliers and can give you a list of recommendations based on your preferences and budget. On your personal Aisle Planner account, we will list some of our recommended suppliers, which you can then go and check out via their website and socials… and if you feel like you want to know more, we’ll even set up an introductory Zoom call between you both. For example, if you like the look of one of our photographers but have some questions before securing them we’d be more than happy to introduce you.



6.      Visas & Marriage Licence

And now for the boring bit with all the paperwork! As you can imagine getting married overseas means that there some legal requirements that need to be met. Now, this may seem like a daunting task, however, we’re here to help guide you through it all. Check out our Blog “Scotland – A Destination Wedding” which tells you a little bit more about the process.


7.      Those all-important extras!

Here’s something you may not have known about us…. We not only help you with your Destination Wedding Planning, but we can also assist with all those pre and post Wedding activities you want to enjoy whilst you’re over here. From organising Bachelor and Bachelorette parties to private whisky tastings and mini highland games, we’ve got you covered!



8.      On the Day Management

So… your big day has finally arrived! Team Conifer is on hand making sure that everything is running seamlessly. The venue is prepared perfectly, your suppliers are all ready to go, all you need to worry about is turning up! We will be there to ensure that everything, down to the smallest of details is taken care of and we deliver your perfect day.



If you have any questions about planning your Destination Wedding, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Give me an email on and we can arrange a Zoom call.


That’s all for now,




Planning a 2021 Wedding?

As we ease out of lockdown, it is a time to look forward and start to make plans or pick back up on the plans we had before.  So much has been put on hold; events; conferences; concerts; marathons; weddings; family celebrations and much more.


At Conifer Events we have been quietly working on some fantastic wedding events for early 2021, we understand that planning any Special Event takes a lot of work, care and consideration and our events will certainly help!


Planning a 2021 or beyond wedding or still looking for that perfect venue?  Either way our Wedding Events can help, we have planned them perfectly to be as beneficial as possible to all your wedding planning needs and of course a great day out for all!


#1 Roodlea Barn Wedding Showcase



Our first event is a Wedding Showcase Day at the beautiful Roodlea Barn, this stunning Barn is in South Ayrshire and is only 10 minutes from Ayr Town Centre.  On Sunday 17thJanuary we will take over this beautiful Venue between 12-4pm, the full Venue will be set for a wedding, perfect if you are looking for a wedding Venue, come along, have a look around and chat to Roodlea’s wedding team who can give you all of the information on their Venue and packages. We will also have a host of fantastic wedding suppliers who will be exhibiting everything from cakes to flowers and much more.  Enjoy complimentary drinks and nibbles and you won’t want to miss our fantastic prize giveaway with the winner being announced on the day. Reserve your complimentary space – BOOK NOW


#2 Get Wedding Ready!



Our next event is out ‘Get Wedding Ready’ event which will be held in The Old Dr Bells Baths in Edinburgh on Sunday 7th February between 12-4 pm. This will be a wedding event with a twist, not just your typical wedding show! Our Get Wedding Ready Event will have everything and more to get you ‘on point’ for your special day. We are working with very talented Dr Nestor Demosthenous, who will be giving his expert advice on the day…. now that is not to be missed! We will also have a host of our finest wedding suppliers including florists, photographers and many more! Ohh and did we mention the live music, fashion show and makeup masterclass! Tickets for this event are only £10 per person and are selling fast…BOOK NOW


#3 Fruin Farm Wedding Showcase



Then, on 7th March as Spring creeps up upon us we have another wedding showcase in the stunning Fruin Farm.  Fruin Farm is set on 5 Acres of beautiful Countryside amongst the foothills of Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, it is only a 30-minute drive from Glasgow Airport,  again whether you have booked your venue or not, this event is for you, no venue yet, come and check out this beautiful barn in the picturesque setting or if you already have your Venue but still some final bits to organise, come along and browse our selection of handpicked wedding suppliers who will be delighted to assist you. This will be a fun-filled day with complimentary drinks and nibbles, live music and much more!

Reserve your complimentary space – BOOK NOW


If you’d like any more information or have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach me at


We look forward to welcoming you to fantastic events!



Scotland – A Destination Wedding

Famed for its breath-taking landscapes, majestic ancient castles and stunning natural beauty, Scotland is the perfect destination to host a wedding. 



For many US citizens, getting married in Scotland would be a dream come true! And it can definitely become a reality, but there are a few steps you need to take first.

So, what exactly do you need to know before you begin to plan your dream wedding in Scotland as a US citizen?

The first thing you need to know is: you’ll need to apply for a marriage visitor visa. This will enable you to get married in the UK and will be valid for 6 months so you can use it to explore the country after your wedding. The earliest you can apply for this visa is 3 months before your date of travel, you should have your visa within 3 weeks of applying. The application will cost you £95 or roughly $115.


Registering your marriage in Scotland

To get married in Scotland you must by law lodge marriage notice forms and the associated documents to the registrar in whose district you intend to be married. After completing the forms, they must be posted (emails will not be accepted) to arrive between 10-12 weeks before the date of marriage, and at the very latest 29 days before. All of the forms are available from the National Records of Scotland.



The Ceremony

There are two different types of ceremony you can have in Scotland:

  1. A Civil Ceremony- This can take place in a registration office, or anywhere agreed with the registrar, with the exception of a religious premises.
  2. A religious or belief ceremony- This can take place anywhere approved by a registered celebrant.

The most popular option is the civil ceremony as most wedding venues have already been approved for civil ceremonies. Once you have found the perfect venue, it is important to confirm your date with both the venue and the registrar’s office to make sure both have availability.


Conifer Recommends

If you’re coming all the way to Scotland for your dream wedding you will want your venue and its surroundings to pretty spectacular. Somewhere unique, somewhere that wow’s you, somewhere you can’t wait to create memories to last a lifetime in.

Here at Conifer we specialise in making this happen! Whether it’s an old converted barn, one of Scotland’s exquisite castles, or a small intimate venue steeped in Scottish history. We’ve got you covered.


Crossbasket Castle



A luxurious affair, Crossbasket offers the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable wedding experience for you and your guests. Complete with a four-storey private bridal tower and an array of opulent public rooms including a Grand Roosevelt Ballroom with space enough to welcome over 250 people, Crossbasket Castle promises a truly magical experience.

The spectacular 16th century tower and 18th century castle is tucked away on the outskirts of the bustling city of Glasgow overlooking the stunning waterfalls on the River Calder transporting you to the tranquillity and beauty of a vast country estate.


The Brig O’ Doon

The Brig O’ Doon House & Hotel is one of Scotland’s most iconic wedding venues, situated within the historic village of Alloway, an area of outstanding natural beauty. The impressive banqueting hall with its breath-taking views of the famous Brig o’ Doon immortalised in Robert Burns’ famous poem ‘Tam o’ Shanter’ make it a truly unique venue. The banqueting hall can seat up to 180 guests.



Brig o’ Doon House provides the perfect setting for a distinctly Scottish themed wedding for bridal parties who wish to embrace their Scottish heritage. All arrangements can be made to ensure your wedding has a truly Scottish flavour, including tartan dressings and embellishments, bagpipes, heather, thistles, whisky miniatures and, needless to say, some classic and imaginative Scottish cuisine – something the Brig o’ Doon is renowned for.



Neidpath Castle

Getting married at Neidpath Castle will be an experience like no other. The Castle is totally exclusive, with entrance to the public only available by arrangement. Couples seeking a romantic and historic setting, will love the atmosphere. The rough stone walls, roaring log fires, sumptuous tapestries and profusion of candles, are breathtaking.



Situated above the River Tweed and just minute’s distance from Peebles, the interiors and grounds of this venue are beautiful to say the least and will have your wedding photographs looking incredible. Neidpath has, in the past, welcomed diverse people through its doors, from Mary Queen of Scots, to Sir Walter Scott, and Wordsworth wrote a poem about it. It has been used as a film set, hosted medieval fairs, musical evenings, historical re-enactments and so many other exciting occasions – and we can think of no better addition to that list than your wedding.

If you have any queries about getting married in Scotland, or even just want to find out about some of the exquisite venues the Country has to offer. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Drop me an email on

That’s all for now!



Majorca Hen Party Ideas

Attention!!! All hens looking for a chic, warm and glam party spot, Majorca is the ultimate place to be. Notorious for the party hotspots such as Magaluf, Majorca does in fact offer a number of hidden gems along the coast and inland.

The main airport on the island is Palma de Mallorca Airport with Ryanair, British Airways and Jet 2 all offering regular flights direct from the UK throughout the summer season. Out of season flights are a little more limited. 

Palma de Mallorca Airport is less than 20 minutes’ drive from Puerto Portals, Palma Nova and only 15 minutes from a cute little suburb called Bendinat. The upmarket village of Bendinat offers luxury cafes, 5* hotels and is only a short walk from the beach.

This area of Majorca can be pricey but can also be done on a budget. If your girlfriends are looking for a trip that offers a stylish location, lounging by the pool, taking a boat trip, with a combination of relaxed and glam evening fun then Majorca is the trip for you. Read on for our recommended Majorca hen party ideas.


Stylish Vibes


Head to Puerto Portals where you will find a collection of luxury yachts moored. Enjoy your morning coffee from a selection of stylish cafes & bars and watch the people go by. Fancy a spot of designer shopping? Take your pick from a number of retail stores selling designer ladies and menswear, whilst also spotting the celebrity or 2. Famed for his trips to Puerto Portals, you will usually find award winning hairdresser Nicky Clarke and his wife enjoying the views from the port.



Where to Stay


Nestled between Palma and Palma Nova, Bendinat is an affluent little village with plenty public transport. In fact, there is a bus to Palma Nova every 10 minutes, meaning you have no excuse for not getting to the beach. Bendinat is a quiet village, meaning you have to make the 5-10 minute trip into the village or neighbouring Palm Nova. If you prefer to stay along the Palma Nova “strip” there are a number of 4 and 5* hotels offering all inclusive, full and half board options. Don’t panic. You are a safe enough distance away from the antics on the Magaluf strip.


Where to Eat


For an upmarket, fancy meal head back to Puerto Portals where you will find a selection of fabulous restaurants from Chinese, Indian, Italian and more. Taxis are very regular, and you can enjoy the evening with a spectacular view of the ocean. Why not wander around some of the super yachts. They look amazing in the evening lit up. If you prefer a night off and prefer something casual there are plenty of restaurants along Palma Nova. Modigliani is a wonderful Italian eatery with outside dining, or if you prefer Thai, My Thai is a personal favourite. First class food, service and the outside dining area is pretty good too. Don’t worry about those next morning hangovers, McDonalds & KFC are located only a stone throw away. 



Boat Party


Why not join the jet set on your private boat… which is very popular with a lot of hens. There are a lot of options for coastline cruises leaving from Puerto Portals, visiting Port Avais, Magaluf and Santa Ponca. Hot Air Balloon trips and swimming with the dolphins are also a good shout too. 


Day Activities


Take a boat trip from Palma Nova, spend the day visiting the stylish and historic city of Palma, or visit the northern & eastern regions of Pollensa, Soller and Alcudia. Around 40 minutes to 1 hour to the very north of the island, there are a number of activities to be considered. Pollensa is famous for cycling with a number of lovely local cafes and bars. Prefer a spot of shopping, then head to the city of Palma where you will find Zara, Mango & some cute little boutiques.

Our hen party planners really love working with our hens and creating the very best itinerary for them & their girls. Most hen parties are a range of age groups with a broad range of interests. Our planners work wonders in ensuring we can create something for everyone. Drop us a note today and let us start to plan your perfect hen party.




Hen Parties In Arabian Paradise

With the plethora of luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, hotel rooms fit for a queen and a lively nightlife scene, Dubai has over the years become every hen party planner’s paradise. Since planning our first event in Dubai back in 2008, the city has seen a number of changes, and continues to do so even in 2020. The ever impressive Burj Khalifa, standing at 830m tall dominates the skyscraper filled skyline. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with jets and lights choreographed to music, which is particularly beautiful in the evening, enjoyed whilst dining in the many terrace restaurants overlooking the fountains. The middle east is very accessible from the UK with daily direct flights courtesy of Emirates. British Airways, Qatar Airways and KLM also offer return flights to Dubai; however, these are not direct and will require a stop over at either London Heathrow, Doha or Amsterdam. If you can afford the extra to fly Emirates, we would recommend doing so. Not only for the ease of travel, but the flight experience is the start of your hen party. Fly in luxury. Economy class is excellent and with one of the highest baggage allowances too. Make sure you pack those extra dresses. Once on board enjoy a hot cloth to clean your hands, a nibble or 2 with a glass of wine and choose your meal from a menu card. Unlimited music and movies on demand, meaning your 7 hour flight will fly in. Quite literally. Once you land in the plush Arabian playground, is when the fun really begins.

Read on for a few of our hen party ideas and tips whilst in Arabian paradise…



Buy Your Alcohol At The Airport


You’ve landed and your week long hen party awaits. One tip you cannot forget is to buy any alcohol you will need for the duration of your stay at Duty Free as you head out of the airport through arrivals. In Dubai you cannot buy alcohol of any kind in supermarkets, retail stores and off-licences don’t exist in the Emirates. You can only purchase alcohol within your hotel, other hotels and restaurants. For any in-room drinks you are best to purchase as many bottles of wine, gin or vodka as you think you might need prior to arriving at your hotel. The in-room mini bars are of course available but will set you back a fair few pounds each day. You can also pack your alcohol in your suitcase prior to flying. Emirates do allow 2 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of spirit per person. If you’re not flying Emirates, I would double check with your airline for their rules around this.


Where To Stay


Dubai is split into a number of districts. Old Town, Sheikh Zayed Road, Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence & The Palm Jumeirah. It really depends on the activities you are looking to do whilst on your trip to choose where to stay. The Old Town is next to the airport and doesn’t offer too much in the way of nightlife. I wouldn’t recommend the Old Town if you’re looking for a lively stay. Sheikh Zayed Road on the other hand is awesome. Think of a 6 lane motorway with hotels, restaurants and bars either side. Fairmont, Hilton Conrad, Jumeirah Towers & Rotana are a few of the luxury hotels on offer along Sheikh Zayed Road. In particular Hilton Conrad is super amazing with gardens and swimming pool to die for. A night in the Conrad will set you back £300 and is worth every penny. I would also recommend the PornStar Martini’s. Delicious. The metro is easily accessible and is around £2 return to places such as Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina and Old Town. Dubai Mall is around 7 minutes from Sheikh Zayed Road. Dubai International Airport is around 15 minutes also. Dubai Marina is now more accessible than in recent years, however is a little further from the mall. Dubai Marina, Jumeirah and The Palm are towards the other side of Dubai with limited access to anything out with their complexes. If you choose to stay on Sheikh Zayed Road, The Hilton Conrad is my recommendation. If you choose Dubai Marina, I recommend Five Palm Jumeirah. An absolutely stunning hotel with private beach, pool and a number of bars and restaurants on site.



Shopping, Burj Khalifa & Dubai Fountains


Your hen party will fall in love with Dubai Mall. You can literally spend a whole day and night in the mall and still not see everything the mall has to offer. Browse Fashion Avenue and shop till you drop with over 100 stores across 4 levels. Worth a visit is Dubai Aquarium and Dubai Ice Rink plus you can catch the latest films on offer at one of the many cinemas. With so many new and exciting eateries you will forget all aspect of time whilst in the mall.

Outside of the mall you can take in the Dubai Fountains whilst enjoying your evening meal. View the Burj Khalifa and even book a tour to the top if your not afraid of heights. Take the diamond encrusted lift all the way to floor 148 and see for yourself the outstanding views of the city. Best to book on a clear day to make sure you can see as much as possible. A trip to the top will cost around £100 per person, however we would recommend adding this to your budget when planning. You will not want to miss out.




Where To Eat


There are many restaurants across the city whether you are eating at the Dubai Mall, within your hotel or along Sheikh Zayed Road. Lebanese and local Arabian cuisine is popular as well as Italian and Thai. The Grosvenor House Hotel located by Dubai Marina as one of the best Chinese restaurants and would be a must. A little pricey but perhaps your last evening to celebrate a fun filled hen party trip? Many of the celebrities stay in the Grosvenor and would be a good opportunity for a sneaky celeb selfie to round off your hen party.

Friday Brunch is a classic event and must be done if your trip is over a Friday. Basically, you pay a fee per person and eat as much as you can all day from the buffet on offer. This is a buffet like no other, with seafood, salad, pasta, breads, cheeses, meats and much more. You will not need to eat for 24 hours after!


Spa, Nightlife & Bars


Most, if not all of the hotels are equipped with a fabulous 5* spa and swimming pool. Why not join the elite and book a spa day with your girls and enjoy lunch by the pool thereafter? A hen party is not complete without a relaxing spa day complete with back massage and luxury facial. Spend the rest of the afternoon lounging by the pool before retreating back to your room to pull out the little black dress and hit the town. Most of the hotels all have nightclubs located in the basement floors with wine bars and cocktails bars on the 2 and 3rd floors. Most clubs all close at 3am and be careful not to wander outside of the hotel slightly intoxicated, as you may be picked up by the police. Keep within your hotel and don’t overdo the alcohol consumption & you will be just fine.

Our event planners have been working in Dubai since 2008, we have seen so many changes over the years and continue to create fabulous events and parties in Arabian paradise. Rely on Conifer to provide the best recommendations and provide the most exciting itinerary. Drop us a note and let us start planning your luxury hen party.



A Snapshot of our Supplier Network

At Conifer we work with an amazing network of wedding suppliers. We believe in building and maintaining excellent relationships which means we work as a team enabling us to deliver a wedding or event seamlessly.

Having been in the wedding business for over 10 years our “little black book” of contacts is bulging at the seams. Our couples are always asking us how we know so many fabulous suppliers and how we can negotiate the best prices with them. The answer is simple. Loyalty & trust. Without the dedication and quality of our suppliers we would not be able to deliver the sheer number of exceptional weddings year after year…….. Our couples really can rely on Conifer to recommend the most exquisite and reliable suppliers.

Here is an insight into a couple of the fabulous suppliers we work with for our weddings and events.


Ad-Media – Wedding Photographers

Choosing the perfect photographer for your wedding is an important and daunting task. You need to make sure you have done your research and found the ideal style of photographer to best fit your wedding day. You want to make sure you can trust your photographer to capture all the right moments perfectly. After all this is your big day and these memories will last a lifetime, so you want those memories captured in an image that will tell your story forever.

Aryan is the founder of Ad-Media, specialising in Photography & Videography. He loves creating visually stunning content, especially at Weddings where every moment is so emotionally charged. Wedding photography is very personal. Aryan aims to capture not only the important moments, but also the best moments which often go unnoticed.

“….As a wedding photographer and videographer, I find it fascinating, challenging and extremely satisfying to create photos and videos that ‘speak’ to you as they tell the story of your day – in an honest and tasteful way.”

Check out his blog “Here’s everything you need to know about Wedding Photography” which will give you an insight into the different photography styles there are and how you go about deciding the perfect one for you!


Blooms – Wedding Flowers


Whether you are clueless about carnations or a pro on peonies, choosing your wedding flowers is a big task. There are so many questions to be answered… What’s in season? What kind of flowers will match my theme and colour scheme? Will my budget cover the flowers I want?

A lot of couples think that it will be more cost effective to organise the flowers themselves. However, sourcing and arranging flowers is a lot of work and would leave the bride and bridal party exhausted and stressed out. Although it might initially seem cheaper, by the time all the supplies have been sourced and delivered, and all the time and effort has been put in, it actually doesn’t work out cheaper. Using a professional florist doesn’t need to break the bank and will ultimately leave you with an amazing set-up that you couldn’t have put together yourself.

Elaine from Blooms has been in the industry for 34 years and specialises in creating bespoke floral arrangements for a multitude of clients. Elaine says that there is no ceiling to floristry varieties or design. Whether you want something grand, contemporary or something with more of a personal touch she will create a unique floral style which will reflect yours and fit perfectly into your wedding day.

Contact us about our Wedding Supplier Network

Just remember, your wedding photos will last a lifetime, your flower choice can make all the difference to the look of your day!

Of-course, we cannot name each and every one of our suppliers otherwise we would be writing a story and not a blog! Keep tuned for future blogs where we will give some new insights into some more of our wonderful supply network.

For now if you would like more information on any of our suppliers and to know how Conifer Events can help with your wedding planning, drop us an email and let’s chat. You can reach me at


Something To Look Forward To

Keeping Positive 

Let’s be honest, this pandemic has really taken its toll on the majority of us. Whether you are a key worker stacking shelves to keep us all fed, whether you’re on the frontline of the NHS risking your life every day to save others, or whether you’re simply doing your best to stay home and help stop the spread of Covid-19. We’re all in this together and there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Team Conifer are working on creating some absolutely fabulous events which we will be hosting in the latter part of 2020 and trust me, they are not to be missed!

So, here’s a few things to look forward to:


#1 Get Wedding Ready

When: Sunday 30th August 2020

Where: The Old Dr Bells Baths, Edinburgh

Conifer Events are teaming up with some of Edinburgh’s finest Beauty and Wedding suppliers to present this fantastic “Get Wedding Ready” event. You can expect some beauty and cosmetic demonstrations, as well as some excellent discounts. We are also collaborating with a fab make-up supplier who will be delivering a make-up masterclass on the day, a local Bridal Boutique and many more.

You’ll pick up a glass of fizz on arrival and make your way into this exquisite venue, not forgetting to enjoy some of the delicious canapes also on offer. After taking advantage of some of the excellent discounts and offers, you’ll be able to take part in the make-up masterclass before enjoying the fashion show from our Bridal Boutique. And of course, not forgetting to pick up your free Gift Bag before you leave packed with goodies and discounts from all of our suppliers worth up to £75!

Tickets for this event will be available very soon via EventBrite. Keep your eyes peeled for us to release them, as there will be limited numbers available.


#2 The Gincident

When: 18th September 2020

Where: Conifer Events HQ. 1 West Regent Street, Glasgow.

Conifer Events presents “The Gincident”. For this gintastic event we are teaming up with Craig from Merchant’s Heart, and Pilgrims Gin to bring you more than just your average Gin Tasting.

Craig doesn’t just produce a “mixer” for your spirit, he has created a Spirit Enhancer, every flavour in the collection is designed to perfectly complement premium spirits, and elevate drink-making and drinking to a whole new level of enjoyment.

And what better spirit to pair with Merchant’s Heart than Pilgrims Gin, a small batch handcrafted gin, made using Scottish spring water and carefully selected botanicals to produce a unique, yet smooth taste.

Tickets will be available shortly via EventBrite so keep your eyes peeled!


#3 The Annual Conifer Ball

When: 5th November 2020

Where: The Marriott Hotel, Glasgow

Our Annual Conifer Ball is our biggest and glitziest event of the year and this year it’s 007 themed! We’re proud to be partnered with the Beatson Cancer Charity for a second year running and will be fundraising for them on the evening, to help support more of their phenomenal work.

Red Carpet Arrival along with an extravagant Bubbly Reception. You’ll then make your way into the Clyde Suite where Gina McKie will kick off the evening 007 style! After your delicious 3 course meal accompanied of course by a couple of glasses of wine, expect some world class live entertainment, drink an exclusive Conifer Martini from our pop-up bar, and try your hand at some blackjack or roulette. And who knows, you may even get the chance to meet Mr Bond himself!

You’ll also get the chance to win some fantastic raffle prizes donated by some of our valued partners. We will be running a silent auction throughout the evening too, where there will be some amazing items up for grabs. And remember, every penny raised will be going to such a wonderful charity!

Tickets are available now on EventBrite. Don’t miss out, click here to book now!

If you have any questions about any of these events, or simply want to get in touch don’t hesitate to drop me an email on

That’s all for now. Stay safe and take care!

Hannah x

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