The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly torn through our lives like a tornado. Most, if not all of us can relate to some degree. Whether through the loss of family or friends or the impact on our businesses and general day to day life. The first thing we would like to say is our thoughts are with all the people that have been hit in the very worst way.

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on most, if not all businesses. I’m so very proud & humbled to see how everyone has dealt with the situation. It’s been wonderful to see non-essential workers spending their new found free time helping others and raising money for great causes. Whilst refreshing to know that many businesses are taking a proactive approach, and although most cant actually run their business they are making proactive steps to be more than ready to get started again when we get that majorly anticipated green light!

Proactive is exactly what we are at Conifer Events. We took the decision very early on to respect the Government’s advice and postpone some of our earlier events. Although we have postponed some of our events including our eagerly anticipated “Get Wedding Ready” event, we have secured provisional 2021 dates with our venues, which will ensure the event is given the added time and planning it deserves to deliver only the best events for our wedding clients.

Although we have pressed the pause button on some of our activist for the moment, we have not entirely downed tools. In fact we have got around to doing things that have been on our ‘to do’ list for quite some time including catching up with our marketing materials, we have a brand new website in motion which will be live very soon…..exciting!!! As well as all of our back office jobs, we have still been receiving our lovely wedding & events enquiries and have secured some very excited couples with their 2021 wedding dates, of which we cannot wait to start planning.

We are a team of 3 strong and hardworking ladies at Conifer Events. Our determination to succeed is what has got us through this challenging time & given us the motivation to carry on. We manage to schedule in several weekly team video calls to which we all bring along our rapidly growing ideas and chat over our very exciting plans!  We truly are a very close team and keep each other’s spirits high!

We cannot wait to share details of our 2021 events with you all. We will keep you posted on our social pages and through our blogs. Keep an eye out for more news…………..

We hope that you are all staying as positive and proactive as team Conifer!


Louize x