You are engaged. Immersed in a bubble of happiness. You can’t stop thinking about the latest wedding trends, so much so you find yourself looking at Pinterest every day. You are unsure where to start first. Do you look at venues? Styling? Moodboards? Or do you think about your invites and guest list?

One of the very first things you need to do is decide on a wedding planner.  Choosing your wedding planner is the first most important step in your wedding planning journey.

Planning your wedding may be the single biggest and most important event you will ever plan. You need to bring in the experts. Right?

Now you have a wedding planner.

Have you had a face to face meeting? Do you know if you guys “click”? Do you think you can trust your wedding planner to create the wedding of your dreams? How well do you know your wedding planner? Do they know you & your fiancé?

We believe getting to know each other is crucial.

Zoom calls are the way forward – especially in a world post-COVID-19. For us, the initial face to face meeting is pretty standard. You’re not going to book your wedding thousands of miles away and not meet your planner before agreeing to work together. The same goes for all of our UK couples. We all need to get along and like each other first! Getting to know us builds trust and confidence and allows you to know Conifer have your wedding needs in hand. We truly want you to feel at ease from the get-go with us.

Who are we? We don’t want to give too much away about ourselves, but we reckon you should know a thing or two……….!



I’m Coleen, author of this blog post and a marketing graduate from the University of Stirling. My University life began in 2004 at the tender age of 18. 12 years have passed since I graduated with my Honours degree in Marketing and I can tell you now these last 12 years have flown by. I started my career with a local Glasgow business and to this day I am forever grateful for the opportunities that came my way. 22 years old, working in Dubai, Europe and often travelling to London for exhibitions and trade fairs. I thought I was living the dream. I probably was for a 22-year-old. Throughout my twenties, I travelled, bought my first property and just before I hit 30 met my life partner. How could life get any better?

Life is a map. Or so I like to believe. What is meant to be will undoubtedly come our way. You’re probably wondering what comes next? In a moment of chance (so I thought at the time) I met Hannah in a working capacity and we instantly hit it off. In summer 2017 Conifer Events was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward to 2020 and here we are working with our gorgeous couples and amazing bridal suppliers planning and managing luxury weddings across Scotland.  People often tell me I have an abundance of passion, drive, and ambition like no other. I strive to continually achieve more, even when I think I’ve achieved all I can. People who know me would probably describe me as an OCD freak. I like to plan, organise, and sort everything. I am the biggest planner and love to plan even the smallest of things from birthdays to family get-togethers. I’m always putting together mood boards for different areas of my house (I love interiors – that’s another passion of mine and one for another day) and thinking of colour schemes for various life events such as Christmas, Easter, and Summer. Ever since I was little I have always dreamed of my own fairy-tale wedding (which, by the way, is not too far away) and as I’ve grown in my career, I’ve spent many months dreaming of planning weddings, styling and wondering how I could make my dreams a reality. I think it all depends on where you are in life and who you meet, who you choose to work with and ultimately create your journey with.

The Scottish wedding industry is truly unique. A mix of mostly small to medium-sized businesses ranging in location throughout Scotland, all of our suppliers and partners are dedicated with the same drive and enthusiasm as us. It truly is a pleasure to work with so many like-minded, entrepreneurial people who inspire us every day.   



You guys now know my CV so probably time to tell you some facts about me. In less than 4 weeks I will be 34 – OMG. One minute I was planning my 30th party and now I’m hitting 34.  Life really does go quicker the older we get. I’m 34 on December 16th and I had it all planned. A cold, snowy, pre-Christmas weekend in New York, ice-skating on Central Park, taking in a show, and shopping till my feet hurt. Then Covid-19 happened. In reality, there will be no transatlantic trip, instead a cosy night in for 2 in the comfort of our own home.

Now we have established I will be 34 very soon, I can also tell you I am the eldest sibling in my family. Who likes being the eldest? Honestly, how did that happen to me!? I have 2 sisters, 31 and 15 years old as well as my brother who is 29 years old. We are a well-travelled family and a little spread across the world. My brother currently lives in Austin, Texas and is now a US citizen working as a soccer coach in Westlake (Austin), whilst my elder sister lives and works in South Korea as an English teacher. A family of travellers.

As well as travelling the world I also have a passion for coffee. Who would have thought? Up until almost 4 years ago, I hadn’t even tasted a sip of coffee and now I love it. It’s a way of life, and a part of my day I wouldn’t change. A morning is not a proper morning until you’ve had your first coffee. I think it’s time I left it there about me. If you guys want to know more, ask me anything. I’m happy to arrange a zoom call anytime.



Now let me introduce you to Hannah



Hello! I’m Hannah, the other half of Conifer Events. Similar to Coleen, I am also a Marketing Graduate, from the University of Strathclyde. I obtained my Masters in 2016 after moving to Glasgow the previous year from Australia. I am not Australian though… I am in fact, Welsh. I grew up in North Wales, in a little village called Llanfairfechan (I bet you can’t pronounce that!).

I always wanted to get into Wedding Planning ever since I was a teenager. On the way home one day, after a career’s session in college, I stopped at my local WH Smiths and picked up 4 bridal and wedding magazines, along with a scrapbook, scissors, Pritt stick and some coloured pens. That evening I sat creating several different “perfect wedding days”. I loved the idea of helping people plan one of the most important and spectacular days of their lives.

Fast forward 9 years…… I met Coleen and we both realised after a few drinks on a business trip to Dubai that we both in fact shared the same passion and drive for weddings, planning and styling. It was whilst we were dining at the Grosvenor House one evening, we realised playing around with wedding magazines and coloured pens was probably something we shouldn’t be doing in our 20s and 30s. Right there and then we decided.  When we get home, let’s do this. Joining forces with someone else who had quickly become a good friend seemed really appealing.

And that’s how Conifer Events was born!



I’m currently 28 and feeling grateful and excited to be where I am today. I have started my own business; I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in my field and could not be prouder of how much our business has achieved to date.

It’s pretty amazing to get to do what you love every day. Like they say… Do something you love, and you’ll never do a day’s work in your life! That’s certainly how I’m feeling at the moment, even though I’m usually on my laptop until at least 1 AM most nights! One of my favourite parts of Wedding Planning is meeting and getting to know all the lovely couples I work with. When planning someone’s wedding you really do become an important person in your couple’s lives. I continue to make truly fantastic friends every day on my journey with Conifer………………… Anyway, enough about me and my passions for just now. Want to know more, check us out on Insta or drop me an email anytime