What once was kept incredibly secret is fast becoming a mainstream way of choosing to get married, especially for millennial’s. We’re talking about elopements…


Searches for elopements are on the rise and Pinterest even reported a 128% increase in elopement photography ideas. For those who might not be too sure, the modern day definition of an elopement wedding is a wedding ceremony for just you and your partner – or a very small group. Traditionally when couples eloped, they were usually running away to get married without telling friends or family.

But out with the old and in with the new – long gone is the traditional definition of elopements, it’s about you and your partner creating your perfect wedding day for the two of you. Eloping is a wonderful way to celebrate your love with your partner in a more intimate fashion.


Elopements are slightly more relaxed in the sense that you have more freedom to plan your wedding day exactly how you and your partner want it to be with a focus on certain elements of a wedding as opposed to others.

Elopements mainly focus on the location, the ceremony, the vows, and any special touches and activities you and your partner want to do on your special day. Traditional weddings for guests focus on the venue, the food, the speeches, and having a celebration with a larger number of people.

So whilst having an elopement takes away a lot of the stress of not having a huge wedding, you’ll still want to plan out your perfect day and make it one to remember.

We’re here to help, we’ll take you through all the steps required to plan a luxury elopement in this blog and if you want the best of the best recommendations for suppliers and all the stress of planning placed into someone else’s hands then just contact us and let us work our magic!


When eloping, the world really is your oyster when picking your elopement ceremony location and in the UK you really are spoilt for choice.

Scotland has been voted one of the most beautiful countries in the world, ranking above Canada and New Zealand. With stunning scenery and an array of hospitable wedding venues, Scotland is the perfect place to have a luxury elopement you’ve always wanted. It’s home to some of the world’s most enchanting and majestic castles so you can live your dream fairytale wedding experience.

You’re also spoiled for choice with luxurious hotel resorts and spas with some of the best golf courses in the world so you and your partner can relax and enjoy yourselves together.

If you and your partner are more about the scene than the setting then you can adventure far and wide between the amazing beaches, mountains and lochs that Scotland has to offer. Best of all, Scotland is one of the easiest places to elope in the world due it’s relaxed laws – meaning couples from all corners of the world come to say “I do” here.

The UK and London are also full of wonderful places to get married. Think English stately homes and manors, the traditional English seaside or beautiful countryside cottages.

The team at Conifer have a wealth of knowledge about all the best elopement options and spots for ceremonies in Scotland and the UK and London and will be on hand to help you pick the perfect place for your big day for you and your partner.


The best thing with elopements is that you have a lot of freedom with the dates you can get married without having hundreds of guests to consider. Have a think about when you want to get married. If sunny spells and warm weather is a must then you might want to have your wedding in the latter spring and summer months as this is when the weather tends to be better in the UK – although it’s never easy to predict exactly how it will be here. If you want a cosy and festive winter wedding then November and December are winners.

Remember that peak holiday seasons will be much busier than usual so if you’re after peace and tranquility, getting married out of season might be a better option.


Consider your travel arrangements and accommodation. If you’re getting flights to the UK, be prepared and make sure you fly out a few days before your wedding day to account for any delays and so you can ensure everything is organised and ready.

If you’re getting married in the peak months then accommodation will fill up faster than usual so make sure you plan in advance so you can make sure you get the venue and accommodation of your dreams. Through our wedding planning services we can help you organise your venue, travel arrangements and accommodation to make sure your wedding goes perfectly.


It’s good to have a rough idea of how you want your day to go so that you can make the most of it. Decide when you want your ceremony and then plan your day around that. Will you and your partner have a lovely long breakfast in the morning and spend a few hours relaxing and getting glammed up with hair and makeup before your reception? Or maybe you want to spend quality time doing an activity together in the morning and then have a pre-ceremony lunch.

Many couples choose to have a large portion of the day spent with a wedding and elopement photographer and have a big photography session to get all those memorable, beautiful moments. Make sure you research and shop around to find a wedding photographer that you like the style of and who understands exactly what you want from your photos.

Be sure to plan your day so that it has structure and flow, it’s full of things you love doing together and that it’s a day you’ll remember forever.


With elopements there really are no limits when it comes to personalising your vows. Make sure your vows really come from the heart and tell your partner just how much they mean to you and the promises you’ll make together.


With more budget to spend on yourselves you can really go to town on picking some incredible wedding attire. Pick something that really reflects you and your partner.

With elopements there are no limitations. Go for traditional and classic or bohemian and floaty or completely part with tradition and go for something striking and couture like…or maybe even a modern mini with delicate satin gloves?! It’s completely up to you and what you feel most comfortable in.


Like with your wedding photographer, be sure to research and look at different vendors well in advance for your wedding so you can plan the day to be exactly how you want it to turn out.

Research a number of different vendors for hair and makeup so you can get a feel for what you like and decide on exactly the kind of look you want for the big day. You’ll have peace of mind once you know exactly what you want, and knowing that you’ll get exactly that.


No matter where you’re having your elopement, there are always ways to elevate your ceremony to make it a tad more special. Think about adding decor to your elopement – fairy lights, flower arrangements, ceremony arches and a wedding cake to dive into.

For elopements out in the midst of nature some couples choose to have a tablescape style set up with cushions, tables, flowers, rugs and candles which really add a romantic touch to the ceremony. Some couples even have an elopement ‘rug’ as opposed to an aisle which they take home as a reminder of their ceremony. There are so many ways to get creative with elopements and add any special touches you might want.


The party doesn’t stop. You’re now married to the love of your life, which is the biggest call for celebration. Have a think about what you and your partner might want to do… if you’re getting married in the countryside you could hire a private chef to cook you dinner then have a night under the stars or if you’re by the beach you could watch the sunset and go to a nice seafood restaurant. You might want to go out and celebrate all night long! But it’s a special day, so make sure you appreciate it.


Sometimes couples opt to have a post elopement party so that they can celebrate their marriage with family and friends. This can be done a month or two after the wedding or some couples tend to have it a year later on their wedding anniversary, but there are no rules as to when a post elopement party should be.

A post elopement party could be a nice relaxed meal with family and friends, hiring out an Airbnb for the weekend or it could be a party similar to what a wedding reception would be with a venue, food, DJs and speeches to tell everyone about your wedding and showcase your wedding photos. Just like your elopement, it’s about telling your love story exactly the way you want to.

Planning your wedding is amongst some of life’s most exciting moments. We love helping couples experience their dream weddings and making sure that dreams become a reality. If you need any help planning your dream wedding and event planning your post elopement party, then don’t hesitate to contact us.