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On The Day Wedding Coordinators

The Wedding Coordinators For Your Big Day

Our Wedding coordinators provide a bespoke service to ensure that all outstanding issues are tied up and managed in the final few weeks leading up to the ceremony, and also manage the ‘on-the-day’ schedule, allowing you to relax and simply enjoy the occasion.

Contact us for a free consultation to let us know where things currently stand with your planning and we will coordinate from there in order to take the stress off your hands.

The Role of Your Wedding Coordinator


Coordinating a wedding is often referred to as ‘partial planning’, meaning your consultant will take over any incomplete or pending tasks as the celebration gets closer.


Generally, this will begin around a month or so out from the event, culminating in their acting as overseer or wedding manager on the day.

Our service is completely tailored to your needs, and during your consultation you can let us know exactly what you would like us to take over, however, the most common duties of the wedding coordinator are:


    • To make sure everything you’ve done up until they take over is in good shape
    • Review contracts and logistics
    • Cast an eye over your budget and outstanding payments
    • Liaise with suppliers and vendors to ensure all is ready and prepared
    • Create a schedule, and prepare a rehearsal for the event
    • Overall management on the day

Who Requires a Wedding Coordinator?

Reduce stress, increase enjoyment.

This service is ideal for couples who have a firm idea of what they want from their wedding, but would like someone to step in and take over the burden of the last-minute planning and responsibility to ensure the day goes as planned. 

Naturally, every wedding is different, so we offer a free consultation to find out precisely how best our coordinator can provide their services, but usually, if you are at the very early stages of planning your wedding and you would like to discuss budgets, contacting suppliers and leasing venues then you may find our wedding planning service more appropriate.

Why Work With Our Wedding Experts?

Trust us, we understand how stressful planning a wedding can be! 


That is why we have honed our services over ten years in the industry to provide the most relaxing and stress-free wedding experience possible. We worry about all the logistics, contracts and stumbling blocks so that you don’t have to.


Moreover, we are always available by phone or email to offer unlimited support & expert advice whilst reducing any unnecessary stress.

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Contact Our Wedding Coordinator Team

Our partial wedding planning service is a bespoke service and can cover as many or as little areas of your planning process as you would like.

For a stress-free run-up to your marriage get in touch with us today so you can forget about the small print, and get on with planning your life together as a newly married couple!

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