What Do Your Wedding Favours Say About You?

As a wedding planner I am often asked advice on many aspects of a wedding. For example, should the speeches be in a particular order? How many pieces of ceremony music will I require? Is there a correct seating order for my top table and many more. Rightly so. Although these answers come very easily to me, we must remember I have been planning weddings for almost 15 years and for most couples this is their first experience of a wedding planner. I also tell my couples no question is a silly question…………….

Ask most couples and I am sure they will agree that one of the main sticklers when planning your wedding is, favours? That one little piece of the planning seems to cause quite a bit of debate, with questions such as:

Shall we do favours?

Are favours for female guests only?

Shall we do the same favours for male and females, or something different?

Does our venue permit alcohol favours?

Yes!! Who would have thought something that is probably considered a minor part of wedding planning would bring so many questions?

Well let me try and answer some of those questions for you now.

My Advice

I would give one piece of advice for most of the planning and that goes for favours also, only organise favours if these are really something that you want to do and don’t fall into the trap of “it’s a wedding, we must have favours” or “every wedding I have been to have had favours so we must have them”. No, as you have heard me say many times before, a wedding should be as individual as you as you are and if you don’t want favours or are really stuck for an idea of favours, again that probably tells you that they’re not on your wedding priority list and you probably shouldn’t have them.

Are favours for female guests only, well if you are asking yourself this question then yes you have probably heard this from parents or grandparents as this was a tradition many years ago and was usually a little bag of sugar almonds, yes those little tasteless pieces of candy with an almond in the middle, how many eye rolls do you think were made to these little sweet treats! (I apologise if you are a fan of sugar almonds)

Shall you do the same favours for male and female guests? Well that depends on what you are offering. If you are giving the ladies nice scented candles, then I’d probably say yes the majority of men would prefer a little whiskey miniature. Or what about the traditional Scottish “Buckfast Miniature”? Granted not to everyone’s tastes but a quirky little idea and normally gains a few giggles around the table. Plus, I’ll let you in on little secret, these never get left on the tables…..! 😊

However, that brings me nicely onto the next question. Does your venue allow alcohol favours? Believe it or not, not all venues do so therefore my advice is to ask this question early on. You don’t want to be disappointed or purchase 100 miniatures and realise you can’t use them!

Some Quirky Favour Ideas I Have Seen Over The Years

Getting married on the date of the Grand National? Why not pick a horse for your guests and ask your venue to play it on a screen, this adds a lot of fun to the day.

Getting married on or around Easter? Give your guests a cream egg, everyone loves a cream egg!

A lucky dip lottery ticket…………….however maybe include a clause that the winnings have to be split with you!

I love the idea of a lovely wine charm for the ladies and perhaps a quirky bottle opener for the men?

One of my all time favourites. A Christmas bauble with the wedding date on and then every year when you hang it on your tree you can remember the fantastic wedding that you attended.

Macarons Ohh La La

Macarons are fast becoming the sweet of choice for many weddings and events. Each macaron can be personalised and coloured to blend in with your colour scheme. Such cute little favours when boxed up with a nicely coloured ribbon and message.

Whichever you choose, ask yourself the important question first. Would I leave this on the table……….?  I’ll leave that thought with you.

For any favour ideas, please do not hesitate to get in touch at louize@coniferevents.co.uk

Love Louize x